Since we already dedicated ourselves to our first great leitmotif, passion, in the last blog post, today we want to talk a little about our second great leitmotif, love. First of all, let's be clear that we are not talking about a specific kind of love, such as romantic love, platonic love or love for the family, but simply about love in its full extent and magnitude. But why is love so important to us at "TheHeartFam"? We firmly believe that at the end of the day, love is the strongest link between all people, and our big goal, as you know, is to bring many people of all different backgrounds, beliefs and passions together in some way. Moreover, we are convinced that ALL things in life should be approached with a healthy amount of love to enable us all to live together in a pleasant way.

But now to love itself: love and passion are very much together in what they trigger in us. Euphoria, happiness, or a feeling of security, to name a few. But unlike passion, love is completely indispensable. A world without passion would be possible, a very dull and very dreary world, admittedly, but a world without love would be completely impossible, because love, as already said, is the glue that holds our interpersonal bonds together. Who doesn't know that tingling in the stomach when you look at someone for whom you would do absolutely anything. Indescribable. And don't get me wrong here, love is of course not limited to interpersonal bonds. You can feel love for oh so many things, be it your homeland and the culture that comes with it, be it a moment or even, and this is incredibly important, love for yourself. Love is universal and omnipresent. Love knows neither envy nor discord. Like passion, love is brutally honest, and any attempt to deny it for itself would be in vain. Even qualities such as jealousy or pain are only ugly by-products and have nothing to do with love per se, even if one is often led to believe so. In the end, love is life and indispensable for us as human beings.

To come to a rounded conclusion: Love yourself and your fellow human beings with all their wonderful qualities, but also with all their shortcomings.


  • Konrad

    Grüße Coach

  • Michelle

    Der Text ist einfach so wundervoll geschrieben. Ich stimme euch da voll und ganz zu.

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