Empowering Children to follow their Heart

We at “TheHeartFam” love and celebrate all people, and especially children, and believe that anybody should have the chance to follow their heart and pursue their dreams. However, there are children that are born into unfavourable circumstances, wether they live in countries that are being haunted by wars or famines, wether they have to grow up without parents or wether they are being born with disabilities of any kind. We want to support all of them and provide these children with real chances and perspectives to follow their heart and pursue their dreams.

To put this vision into action

We made up a plan split in two major components:

1. Financial Support abroad: We donate 10% of our profit, to an orphanage home in India, Madurai

2.  Direct Support on site: To empower disadvantaged children on site we visit various local institution that provide support for disadvantaged children on a regular basis.