At TheHeartFam we talk a lot and extensively about passion, and passion is also one of our fundamental guiding principles. But what is passion actually? What exactly is this feeling that makes our heart beat faster?

Passion is this burning in the heart that drives and motivates us. Passion is the engine behind every realised dream. Passion is what makes us get up again and attack even after the umpteenth setback. Passion means suffering and strength. Passion is abstract and yet so real. Passion is ALWAYS honest. In short, passion is energy. Energy that flows through us and gives us strength. What makes this energy so incredibly beautiful is that it is completely unbiased. It knows neither age, nor origin, nor gender. Passion is the same feeling for all of us. And yet passion can be something completely different for everyone. One can feel passion for INFINITELY many different things. Be it cooking, be it surfing or be it caring for sick people. We all live out our passions differently, and it is precisely this diversity that distinguishes us as individuals. But in each of us, fires of passion burn, and that is what can give us cohesion and a sense of community.

Therefore, live out your passion, celebrate it and promote it. No matter what cause your heart beats for, pursue it. Because the heart always knows the right way and the right answers. After all, we all feel the same, even if we have different passions and live them out differently.


Different in passion, same in heart.

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  • Yannick

    Love it, great message. Thank you!

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